Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018

[ Formerly Cad-Flow Professional 2017 ]

WebGL helps you to create 3D assemblies much like the one you see here in "Figure 1". It's a simple assembly that can be moved around and/or orbited using your mouse or fingers if you are using a tablet or touchscreen device. There are plenty of CAD package add-ins that make creating these types of files possible. What Pro-Vis3D gives you is a way to edit the exported WebGL ( *.html ) files and add hot-spots, hyperlinks and user interactive functions to the models features and/or part bodies. We have found this to be useful in many ways such as, marketing a conceptual design or when a design is in the review process. It is also very useful when you want to demonstrate a "How-To" in a technical manner. In "Figure 2" you see a customized version of the same WebGL file you viewed in "Figure 1" after it was edited and saved using Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018.

[Figure 1]

Standard WebGL Model Export

WebGL function within an *.html document has many advantages to help show your product to the world. The best thing about it is that there is no need for the person viewing the item to go and download or install anything. This form of WebGL is a fully self-contained 3D file that is ready to use right out of your CAD package and you don't ever have to worry about anyone measuring your models if you don't want them to.

You can view this Model in WebGL format View Model

[Figure 2]

After using Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018

In just a few simple steps you can customize the files you want to share with people by adding your logo and company colors along with your information. Once your model is exported from your CAD package you can edit it in the WebGL format and add any of the following features to your model. You can also put your own background in the model as well as add a transparency button that lets the user select any feature in the model to view the inside of your design!

[Figure 3]

Final WebGL Model After Edit

The model shown here has been customized with Cad-Techs colors and logo. The features in "blue" have had some interactivity ( "Hot-Spots" ) added to them such as, Key design features, hyperlinks and images. You can use whatever color or colors you want for each feature. This example uses blue for all the featured hotspots just for the simplicity of showing a finished Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018 customized and saved part in action.

You can view this Model in WebGL format View Model

Features and functions created using Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018 are currently being offered as a service provided by Cad-Techs to companies that do not have any of the CAD package ad-ins used for creating the WebGL.html files needed for use with Pro-Vis3D. We can customize your models by adding your brand and any interactive features you would like with a fast turn-around time. Call or email us for pricing if you would like to take advantage of this service. Pricing is also available to those who are interested in purchasing Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018 licensing. Create your own marketing materials, use WebGL to collaborate design concept, intent, and get approval from your customers.