2D to 3D Conversion

Cad-Techs will take any existing 2D information you supply whatever the file type and convert it to a 3D part file or full motion assembly file. Examples include hand sketches, portable document format ( pdf ), native DXF, DWG or other vector based files that have been created to a known scale. Data scale is important in the conversion process in order to provide an accurate end product.

If 2D data / information provided to us is not accurate it will affect the final package returned to our customers.

If you feel your data does not have fully accurate information please reach out to one of our draftsman to determine the scope of your project and help determine any pricing updates.

3D Scanning & Printing

Here at Cad-Techs we are focused and driven to become the leading 3D scanning and printing service provider in the metro Atlanta area. Specializing in areas such as reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, inspection, medical / dental, automotive, and animation industries.

Our customized concept modeling along with part scanning and 3D printing have become a valuable added service that we now offer to our new and existing long time customers.

Architectural Drafting

Architectural drafting services have been a part of Cad-Techs project schedule since the beginning in 2000. Included as a part of this service you can book us for design development, permit drawing sets, 3D floor plans, blockout elevations, 3D visualizations, and data conversion from scanned pdf's to dwg's.

Why pay additional in house personnel to do your drafting at a higher expense due to todays health benefits and their sky-high rates. Just hire Cad-Techs to supply all your drafting needs in one location.

CNC Machining

Complete solutions or one off part creation, Cad-Techs offers both. Our CNC process is designed to be efficient, which saves you money! Cad-Techs Mfg. provides high quality materials with high speed machining done on 3,4 & 5 axis machines. Let us produce your parts in a fraction of the time no matter how complex. "Lets get it done!"


Cad-Techs provides contextual design assemblies that are necessary for accurately conducting finite element analysis as well as many other processes. There are allot of engineering companies out there to choose from so why us?

We take the time to assist you in providing accurate information from the start so you can feel confident that every measure is being taken to assure you get whats needed without taking too much time.

Thermo-dynamics, element analysis, structural connections, mechanical concept engineering, as well as many other services are what we provide.

Fabrication | Welding

Having a large inventory of materials at hand is key to providing fast turn around times when you need to keep your project on schedule. As fabricators turned designers, turned engineers Cad-Techs has the understanding thats needed to complete your project correctly the first time.

When it comes to change orders we work well with your project managers to keep everything on track. Cad-Techs can also provide extra needed help with the documentation if needed all while using your standards.

Mechanical Drafting

Cad-Techs can work from scratch providing all aspects of detailed drawings needed for your projects or work from existing drawings and / or modeling that you may want to provide.

All of Cad-Techs projects adhere to high quality standards so you spend minimal time with revisions and have whats needed to focus on your project.

Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018

Formerly known as Cad-Flow Lite & Cad-Flow Professional 2017, Cad-Techs has developed a new more user-friendly software called Pro-Vis3D Professional 2018 that is available as a service or subscription. With Pro-Vis3D you can create engaging 3D interactive content management system files, in-depth marketing specific files, or approval process files that you can use with your customers or anywhere you want to show off your projects or designs. The best part is, you don't have to worry about prying eyes measuring your models.

No more going through the hassle of clicking links and downloading anything to install so your customer can see what you are talking about.

Those you grant access will be able to view your concepts and / or design reviews in a 3D environment exactly the way you want them to see it! View Example

Sheet Metal Design

Cad-Techs has been doing sheet metal design for machines, mechanical enclosures, safety covers and barriers, step pans, hydrology, etc. since AutoCAD R14!

"For those of you who don't know what that means, Let me tell you that was a long time ago!"

When you have Cad-Techs design or just create flat patterns for your sheet metal projects the first thing we ask is, "Who is making the part?" Because experienced as we are, we know that the person creating the flats and the person creating the bends may not even be at the same companies.

We will work with your fabricators to make sure all bend compensations / bend deductions/ k-factor differences are considered so you get accurate flats bent to specification. Knowing what Press Brake die your shop is using plays a big role as well. So when it comes to sheet metal anything, "We've got you covered, just take a look at our gallery!"

Technical Documentation

From product inserts to extensive operations manuals and everything in between, Cad-Techs has it down from cover to cover. Cad-Techs can convert your old black and white manuals, modernize your paper catalog with web based interactivity, and create just about any file type you may require.

Don't have all the illustrations you need to completely visualize what you want in your pages? That's ok, our graphic artists can help there too!

Detailed descriptive technical writings about your product, service, or procedure are important and we know it. Helping you document or illustrate your project is what we are here for.

Product Design

Have an idea for a product or even a procedure?

Cad-Techs can help you make your vision a reality. With innovative thinkers on staff using the latest in product design softwares like, Autodesk® Inventor 2018, Fusion 360 Professional, 3DS MAX® 2018, Onshape, and SolidWorks® Premium 2018 there is more than enough technology to realize anything you can think up.

Need patent drawings to get that idea secured?

We can visualize your idea and supply the illustrations you need to file with the patent office.